Ft. Collins Dentist serves fresh cookies to patients.We’re excited to share with you a new feature of the Positive Dental and Vision practice.  In the future when you come in for your appointment, or just drop in for a visit, you will be welcomed by the fresh smell of cookies.

Yes, you read that right…cookies.  As Ft. Collins only provider of both dental and vision services to busy families, our goal is to make your experience even better.  In addition to receiving excellent care, we want you to really enjoy coming into our office!  And what better way than with fresh, gooey, warm cookies?

Bi-Annual Dental Exams are the Key to Healthy Teeth

Now you might be wondering …about your teeth.  What’s the impact of eating cookies at the dentist office when you’re there to…well have dental work done?  Great news!

Dr. David Robinson says minimal impact as long as you brush your teeth twice a day and get your bi-annual check-ups. Another way to really maintain and improve the health of your teeth is to chew gum with xylitol after eating. Sound too good to be true?  Check out our article on the amazing benefits of xylitol.

Regular Brushing and Flossing Reduce Bacteria

But, trouble happens when you ignore those bi-annual check-ups.  You see, you teeth are living bone and the way nature made us…a professional can provide the care and cleaning they need on a regular basis to stay that way.  Cavities start when bacteria begins to form and …ummmm
Dr. Robinson…can we get back to the cookies please?

Back to the Cookies

Yes, back to the cookies!  Well anyway, we know you will love this added feature in our office.  We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.  We’re confident that You will See with a Smile!

2 Responses to Ft. Collins Dentist Now Serving Up cookies!

  1. Beth Ogle says:

    Be still my heart….this will bring me in for more regular cleanings and check-ups for sure. It’s nice to see that there are doctors that enjoy doing something nice for their patients. It’s the little things that make a difference. I might have to start making my appointments in person instead of over the phone!

    • Dr. Dave says:

      Thank you for your comment! We want to encourage you to come in and make your appointments in person. Of course, be sure to get a fresh baked cookie while you are in!

      Positively grateful for your comment,
      Dr. Dave

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